Providing Deep Visibility into your Structured Data Assets

  • Discovers structured data assets -- including undocumented or non-compliant assets that can pose a security threat.
  • Continuously monitors for changes - new clients, databases, users, and connections are immediately reported.
  • Provides deep visibility into your structured data infrastructure including the interactions between applications and their connected databases.
  • Discovers structured data anywhere in the environment--rather than relying on IP addresses or port numbers--and the nature of the conversation.
DB CyberTech Discovery UI

DB CyberTech's Discovery solution will “shine a light” on your structured data in motion to continuously discover structured data assets and their connected applications. Through deep protocol analysis and applied machine learning, DB CyberTech's Discovery solution offers you new insights and an accurate view of your structured data environment. Complete and up to date knowledge of where structured data is stored and where it is moving is essential to managing sensitive data, preventing its loss, responding to change, and avoiding regulatory fines.

Operating at layer 7 on a network SPAN or TAP, DB CyberTech's Discovery solution analyzes structured data in motion. It will immediately find where data is flowing, identifies any assets on all undocumented databases, maps databases to their connected applications, and identifies conversation to/from restricted segments.

DB CyberTech's Discovery solution is easy to set up and can be deployed with no changes to existing applications, databases, or any cybersecurity systems. With simple syslog configuration all of your security tools will have continuous visibility into the data tier.