Brett Helm

CEO and Board Chairman

Brett Helm is the leader of DB CyberTech's strategic direction and is responsible for implementing the company’s long-term goals. Brett is a serial entrepreneur in web-based analytics and networking optimization companies and has successfully led companies from pre-funding through product development to market acceptance. Brett was CEO of Coradiant specializing in web application performance management which was acquired by BMC Software in 2011. He was the CEO and Founder at IPivot which created the first SSL accelerator and Layer 7-aware traffic management appliances and led its sale to Intel in 1999. Prior to that, Brett served as General Manager at @Work and held sales positions at US West.

Ali Hedayati

COO and President

Ali Hedayati is responsible for Engineering, Quality Assurance, Product Test, Product Management, Support, Operations, Sales, and Corporate Marketing for DB CyberTech. Ali was SVP and General Manager at Emulex for their network visibility products which included Endace technology products. Prior to that, Ali served as VP and General Manager at BMC Software responsible for leading the application management business unit. Ali joined BMC after its acquisition of Coradiant where he served as President and COO driving product management, sales, and operations through a period of high revenue growth.

Andy Kaiser

SVP, Finance and Legal

Andy Kaiser is responsible for the financial management, legal, and human resources for DB CyberTech. Andy specializes in scaling start-ups to viable companies through venture capital and debt financing by creating solid operational plans that adapt operations based on market conditions. Prior to joining DB CyberTech, Andy was SVP, Finance & Legal at Coradiant (acquired by BMC Software), Director of Finance at IPivot (acquired by Intel), and Division Controller at 3Com via its acquisition of Primary Access Corporation. Andy holds an MBA from Marquette University, a BBA from University of Wisconsin at Madison and earned the designations Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Equity Professional (CEP).

David Rosenberg

CTO, Products

Dave Rosenberg leads the advanced technical research in artificial intelligence and database behavioral analytics as DB CyberTech's CTO of Products and a co-founder of the company. Prior to this, Dave served as VP of Engineering at WireCache, where he led the development of industry’s first general purpose, Oracle database accelerator solution. DB CyberTech acquired the WireCache core technology which brought Dave and his team into DB CyberTech. Dave brings more than 30 years of technology development experience, including ten years at executive level for Oracle Corporation’s server technology.

Eric Varsanyi

CTO, Architecture

Eric Varsanyi is DB CyberTech's CTO of Architecture and is responsible for leading the core technology platform engine development and is a company co-founder. Prior to DB CyberTech, Eric served as the principal engineer at WireCache since its inception and was responsible for the overall product architecture. Prior to that, Eric was principal architect in Intel's Network Division, Advanced Development Lab. Eric joined Intel through its acquisition of IPivot where he designed and implemented a transparent SSL accelerator solution. Eric has more than 25 years of technical architecture and design experience, including BSD kernel at Berkeley Software Design and launching Cray-3/Cray-4 prototype hardware along with porting SVR4 Unix while at the Cray Computer Corporation.

Jim Kirklen

VP, Solutions Engineering

Jim Kirklen is responsible for Quality Assurance, Applications Engineering, and Customer Success at DB CyberTech. Prior to DB CyberTech, Jim managed the Wireless WAN design, integration, and testing at Sierra Wireless for Laptops and Notebooks from HP, Lenovo and Panasonic. He supported the launch of hundreds of wireless enabled products on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint after navigating the stringent regulatory and carrier certification approvals. Prior to this, Jim headed up the Program Office, Quality and System Test departments at Copper Mountain Networks. He joined when they were an angel-funded startup, and helped them grow to a successful carrier-class product manufacturer. Jim brings over 25 years experience designing, testing, and launching high-quality commercially available products.