Autonomous, Scalable, and Intelligent GDPR Compliance Through Continous Monitoring

  • Non-intrusively and automatically discovers and classifies personal data in structured data stores.
  • Proactively manage GDPR requirements for rights of the data subject, records of processing, breach notification, security, and DPIAs to demonstrate compliance when necessary.
  • Enables DPOs and privacy professionals to stay GDPR continuously compliant.
  • Supports Security of Processing and Breach Notification (GDPR articles 32 and 33) by identifying insider threats and external database attacks.
DB CyberTech Compliance UI

The GDPR requires that organizations protect personal data – regardless of where the personal data is sent, processed or stored. Companies with employees, customers, or goods for sale in the EU must identify and map the processing all of the personal data they hold and process.

For an effective GDPR program, continuous visibility into an evolving landscape of structured data assets and the personal data stored in them is required. DB CyberTech solves this challenge by automatically decoding and understanding every conversation involving structured data. This capability enables you to efficiently remain GDPR compliant.

DB CyberTech's GDPR For Structured Data supports Data Protection Officers and privacy professionals assembling and maintaining their record of processing activities. We provide visibility to your entire database infrastructure and ferret out personal data in previously unknown databases. This is done by non-intrusively processing a copy of all structured data conversations. Deep protocol analysis identifies all assets on all databases, maps databases to their applications, and gathers user behavior analytics (UBA). Then, intelligent data classification extracts the meaning of each query and identifies where personal data resides. This inventory is kept up to date in real time, cleanly summarized, easily explored, and quickly exported from the solution.

DB CyberTech's GDPR For Structured Data is easy to set up and can be deployed with no changes to existing applications, databases, or any cybersecurity systems.

Efficiently stay GDPR compliant for structured data.